Streamline was created by myself and Marci Mihalko for the Chumby platform. The Chumby is an internet device that has recently upgraded to new hardware capable of running Flash 10.1. Marci and I were hired as interns for Chumby to be among the developers to create AS3 based games for the Chumby. We ran into a handful of problems, due to the Chumby’s new platform being fairly untested. We originally had music playing in the background of each of the levels, but it was later removed due to the platform’s inability to access any external files.

The goal of Streamline is to get all droplets of water either to combine with each other or touch the bucket. You draw lines to create platforms in order to either avoid obstacles or use them to your advantage. You have a limited amount of ink, although the game is incredibly generous with the amount of ink you can use. Our goal was to create a simple, fun, easy and fast game.

I was responsible for all of the programming in Streamline. I used CDK (Collision Detection Kit) due to its light weight and ease of use, despite a few drawbacks and bugs. The game’s class structure was fairly simple, a game class created the menus and the actual levels. Each level was responsible for the physics.